Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Australian Architecture Forum - Enterprise Architecture and Cloud Computing

There has been alot of traffic and discussion regarding cloud computing over the recent months, and at the Australian Architecture Forum (AAF) event in August - Tim Rubin facilitated an Open Space Workshop that aimed to cover some of the main discussion areas:
  • Impact of the Cloud on EA Agenda
  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Why should Enterprise Architecture care?
Cloud Computing is often characterized by: Virtualized computing resources, Multi-tenancy, limitless capacity/scalability, Self-service, Dynamic provisioning, Pay-for-use pricing.

Much of the discussion generated by the attendees during the open space session
was around some of the following points:
  1. When Cloud Computing may be a fit - particularly around the profiles of applications, security and data, the sorts of commercial models that need to be considered and discussion around Infrastructure vs Application as a service models
  2. How Cloud Computing differs from “old” approaches - eg ASP and Outsourcing etc
  3. Does IT Matter - the diminishing role of the datacentre support team and impact on ongoing operation
The more that I delve into the topic of cloud computing, the more that I ask is

does cloud computing = outsourcing 2.0?

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